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Easter is coming ...

For the ones who dont know, the word 'Easter' is of Hebrew origin (Pessach) and it means passage. Easter was already celebrated by the Jews even before Jesus Christ was born, only with another meaning, the meaning of freedom, after years of slavery in Egipt. For Christians, Easter has a special and different meaning.  Celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ ans his ascension into heaven, two days after his dead.
Easter is celebrated in diffrent ways, in many country's all around the world.
In Brazil its celebrated in family, with a full table. Giving to friends and family chocolat eggs. In the USA the children play with colored easter eggs that are hidden.  Some parades happen, and in the meantime in the White House they have a traditional eggs hunt. In England its the war of hare pies and bottle kicking. In Greece processions happen with red eggs; representing the blood of Christ. This eggs are broken when the people proclaim that Christ is risen. In Sweden the children dress up and walk by the houses asking for candy's. In China, people visit the graves of their ancestors and make offerings. In other country's the tradition is to decorate eggs and give them as a gift.


In some country's its common the existence of the egg and the easter bunny;
The Easter Egg symbolizes the birth. And the Easter Bunny: Because they are animals capable of generating large litters, they're image symbolizes the ability of the Church of constantly produce new disciples.


Each country with his own culture, with his own way of celebrating. Almost all with the same meaning: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And that's what we want to show with the World Culture's Easter Hunt.

Show your culture, without loosing your style. LETS CELEBRATE EASTER.